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Photos and video from 2 days private photography workshop with 4 models - Maje, Ilona, Sandra and Evia

It was nice weather in early May, and we did go out on locations to take some nice pictures.  With model Sandra we went to the sunny Riga beach, at first we did shoot at dunes and pine forest near beach and in the end on the beach itself. With model Evia we went to the open air museum in Riga, there is a lot of old buildings collected from all over Latvia and nicely placed in museum(more about museum here:…


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Private nude photography tuition with model Anna on Riga beach May 19

It was nice and warm evening on May 19 for nude photo shoot on beach. Riga beach is located only 15 km from Riga center and covered with white quartz sand. Beach is quiet with almost no people on a beach. Great place for nude and erotic photography workshops and private tuitions with beautiful Latvian nude and erotic models.…


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Private nude photography tuition with models Anastacia, Belina and Mira.

Two days private tuition with models AnastaciaBelina and Mira. First day we shoot in a beautiful apartment in center of Riga. On some settings we did use studio…


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What is erotic photography ?

What is erotic photography?

What exactly is erotic photography and how does it fit in with other genres of fine art photography.

The term erotic is an abbreviation of erotica, which comes from the Greek word Eros that means desire. Erotica are works of art including photography, literature, paintings and sculptures that deal with erotically stimulating and sexually arousing description. …


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Private Nude photography workshop with model Mira on April 21

Beautiful model, nice apartment and perfect sunny day for our nude photography workshop in Riga on April 21. After one hour of theory we start to shoot model in natural ambient light near window. There was a lot of direct sunlight shining into window so we have a little problem with contrast but we fix this problem wirh large reflectors. When reflectors didnt help we did turn on studio strobes. After shooting model near window we move on and start to shoot model on white leather sofa. As…


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Pictures from Workshop in Riga on 13, 14 August with models Astra and Zane


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Back stage...workshop January 9 photo studio in Riga...model Zane



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Hi Gatis, what happened to pictures of last months workshop. Do you have any new ones? Bye Richard

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